I began my travels in high school. My first trip abroad was to the United Kingdom. This was an auspicious occasion for me, leaving a third world country like Barbados which is 166 miles long and 26 miles wide for a first world country many times larger than my homeland.

It was my first time on an airplane.  From that time the desire to see places that I had only seen in magazines and always wanting to know what lay beyond the horizon gave birth to my wanderlust beginnings.

I have visited over 70+ countries and every continent except Antarctica.   Sometimes I travel with a group, with family, with a friend, but I mostly like going solo. From my travels I have created several scrapbooks that recount these trips in detail. I’ve acquired a menagerie of refrigerator magnets that have become an icebreaker and conversational piece for visitors to my home. They are often amazed at the places I have visited and listen intently to stories/experiences of my past travels. Their final question is, “Where are you going to next?” and my usual response is, “Wait and see. The world is my oyster.”



  1. Hey, I never knew you like travelling until I visit you in 1991 and saw all those magnets of different countries stuck to your fridge. From viewing the difference photos you post I see you been having a blast. Where too next ……

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  2. Hey I am glad you were able to visit the 70+- countries. For me I love to travel sight seeing and the one you don’t really like , that’s shopping until ya dropped lol

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    • Yes, shopping is not my thing but enjoying a place that I’ve never visited before is what I like to do. Appreciate your comments. Keep visiting my site and reading the blogs. Share with your friends. I’m on Twitter also.


  3. Seventy plus countries is amazing. I don’t think I’ve made it to 20 yet – but I have probably forgotten one or two. I wouldn’t have thought of Barbados as a third-world country, though I admit I have never been there,

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    • I can still recall my very first trip abroad like it happened yesterday. Some minor details may be forgotten but the main facts are still there. I would like to cap at 100 countries, God willing, but that’s sometime in the future.

      Barbados would welcome your visit. Add it to your bucket list, if not for this year, then for 2021. You will not be disappointed coming here.

      Thanks for commenting. It’s appreciated.


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