Welcome to Traveltinerary!

I love to travel, to plan detailed itineraries for each trip, to scrapbook the highlights of my vacation post-trip, and to have as much fun pulling the details of my travel experience together from start to finish. I have visited 70+ countries and six continents.

I own several albums containing lots of photos, newspaper clippings and mementos that tell the story of all my adventures. In the gallery you may view some of the more recent photos and possibly try to guess where in the world I am. Also, each trip I collect just four mementos: a refrigerator magnet for myself, an ethnic doll and souvenir spoon for my niece and an unusual looking bell for my sister, if I can find one. Because of these procured gifts they also get to vicariously experience the vacation and talk of their respective collection with their friends.

If you have any questions or would like a consult for an itinerary please contact me. I would gladly assist in helping to make your vacation a memorable one.

Safe travels.

– Itinerary Planner