The world is my oyster!

I am a budget traveler who travels mostly for fun and relaxation. I have visited every continent except Antarctica, visiting approximately 80+ countries and counting.

I spend as little of my finances on travel as I can and choose to travel now that I have the most energy to enjoy these exotic trips. Ever so often on my trips, I notice many baby boomers spearing no expense with their retirement monies, I guess, but enjoying their vacation from the sidelines. I would observe many of them opt to sit on the tour bus, sip coffee in a sidewalk cafe, or ride on a motorized trolley. They were either to slow or frail to keep up with their tour guides who usually try to fulfill the tour requirements. Maybe their sedate way of travel is just their intention, after all, it is their time to relax, treat themselves to the finer things in life and not rip and run like most millennials. I get it. They have no place to go to urgently.

On the other hand, it is imperative for me at this stage in my life to enjoy this beautiful world while I still have eyes to see it, legs to walk/run it, energy that absorbs it and a memory that will allow me to recount it.

Here is a map link to some of the places I have visited, check it out.