You want to go on a trip but don’t have the first clue on what you should do other than purchasing your tickets? Well, to ensure you get the most bang for your buck there are many things you should consider but I will outline the basics so you can stop worrying or stressing and start planning. Consider following these to-dos and you will be on your way to having a wonderful vacation.

First decide how much money you want to spend on the entire trip (be reasonable, $100 would not do). This should take into account your travel tickets (Air, Land or Sea), Accommodations (Hotels, Hostels, BNB, etc.), Transportation (Car, Bus, Rail, etc.), Entertainment (Tickets, Entrance fees, etc.) and any extra incidental like a fancy meal at a posh restaurant.
Every country has a peak season for tourist travel. Consider whether the timing for travel to your chosen destination is spot on or if it coincides with a local/international event. Are you prepared to travel at off peak times, rainy or wintery seasons, or to a location off the beaten path? The answers to these questions are pertinent to your planning and will ensure an acceptable and even likeable outcome in the end.
Ask yourself some more tough questions: Can I play the waiting game? Can I flex my travel plans for some other time or some other place? If I cannot get all that I want this year, am I willing to wait it out or switch to another destination instead? Can I cover the distance in less time and still be satisfied vs. an extended stay? En toto, you must decide what is more important to you and if deferring your dream a little longer to explore other possibilities are an option.
In the above you would have covered your major needs to planning an excellent vacation. However, you must watch out for some pitfalls. There are times you may be able to splurge. Think carefully and chose wisely. On the other hand, you may have to forego a need depending on the circumstance. For example:
1)To cut hotel costs instead of sleeping in a comfy bed the night before your next destination stop, experience sleeping on an overnight train bound for that destination instead.
2)Instead of eating three square meals, you may replace the third with a snack or fruit. None of these examples can stop you from having an enjoyable vacation but may create interesting ways for you to counter and eliminate any unforeseeable problem. It can be a win-win situation after all.
Detailed planning is key to your vacation enjoyment. How well you plan every stage of your itinerary will guarantee that you have the best vacation EVERRR!! Once you have made those decisions and planned carefully then all you have to do is pull it all together. Still overwhelmed or don’t have the time to do the research?

Then let me help you. I know how to connect the dots that will eliminate your stress factor. I work quickly and efficiently to give you the plan that is detailed, interesting and exciting.  In the comment section below send me your travel dates, place(s) of interest, and phone contact information.  After a brief consult, you will receive your detailed travel itinerary in a few days.