Apartment, Condo, RV, or Tiny House?

Deciding what will be my next housing choice and location is proving to be difficult yet exciting.  In a few days my home will belong to new owners and I will chart a new course somewhere else, at least after my vacation.  These last days leading up to departing has been bittersweet.  I am excited to begin a new life, to face the future and its potential head-on, good or bad.  On the flip-side, it is hard and sad to leave this part of my life behind.  Really, it’s amazing how attached I’ve become to people, community, familiar surroundings and the many nuances that make my home important, enjoyable and lovely to me.  Initially, I had only planned to be a resident of this community for 10 years, but here I am nearly doubling that number.  I can only say, time truly flies when you’re having fun.

So, after two decades where will my new digs be?  Choices, choices, choices.  Various housing types occupy my thoughts day and night.  By now, you know I pray about everything, and this is no exception.  Where will I go? Which state south of the border will become my new fixed place of abode?  What type of house will it be?  Should I choose another house, rent an apartment, explore the open road in an RV, live out my minimalist dreams in a tiny house, or luxuriate in a condo?  What will it be?

The current strategy is not to rush into anything.  There are many types of houses and locations to consider and every option must be thoroughly vetted to find the perfect home for me.  In the role as a former home owner, I have unique specifics for any prospective home.  As I contemplate the alternatives,  strangely my pet project feels a lot like solo travel planning.  I have plenty experiences to draw from which will help me to decide my next moves.  Here are some to consider if you are in a similar position:

RESEARCH – Due diligence on the location must be performed.  Take the time to find out what the locale is like from others who have been there.  Read the reviews, listen to news of the county.  Research the stats on the economics of the area, quality of life, demographics and all that will be important to you.

FLEX – Keep an open mind.  Don’t rush to judgment on a community based on one or two bad reviews.  Opinions are subjective.  Everybody may have a different experience.  Besides, the new home will be based on fulfilling all or most of the requirements on your checklist.

NO EXTRA BAGGAGE – Travel lite.  Take few items into the new home and only those you deem a must.  It is easier to purchase items in your new hometown than it would be to tote furniture to the new house, which may not fit in with the décor.  Get rid of what is not needed before the move.

BUDGET – Once you have examined areas that peak your interest and are ready to test the waters for yourself, set up a budget to support an investigative trip to the area.  Like all bespoke travel itineraries, a good plan needs to be in place to support accommodation, transportation, food, and other extras.  Keep in mind, even though the objective is house hunting, you might want to check out the amenities in the neighborhood which may not be budget busters but can add up to a considerable amount, and an unnecessary expense.

PHOTOS – A project like this can take months of crisscrossing a few states.  Arm yourself with some technology to help capture the homes you find most impressive.  The photos will help you remember the “wow” factor as you reflect on all that you have seen.

DIARY – Document all that you have seen and collect data, brochures and any housing paraphernalia that is important to your decision making later.

CONNECT – Make friends along the way.  People connections are valuable for networking, forging new friendships and starting new relationships.  When all is said and done, this will be the best part of the house hunting occurrence.

Community Peeps, selling my house was stressful (hence a vacation 😂), but what an eye-opener.  I look forward to the days when I will wear the shoe on the other foot.  Then, all that I learned as a seller will come in handy as a buyer.  What are your thoughts on the analogy drawn between travel and house hunting?  Please share your comments on the subject with me.  Do so in the box below.

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