Blast From the Past

Fall has started, winter is nipping at our heels, and 2019 is merely 10 weeks away.  Put like that, it is just around the corner, not very far off.  I have already started making travel plans.  Yes, it is essential to have a travel plan from now.  To cop the best travel fares, land the best accommodation and secure a spot on your much sought-after adventure activity, now would be the perfect time to start planning.  God willing and life be spared, this year’s remaining travel will be completed, and new missions will occur in 2019.  Stay tuned to hear what those will be.

So, as I wrap up this year’s commitments, see “Coming to A Place Near You” I am reminded of a promise made to you earlier this year to share video footage of my Southeast Asia trip (catch up in the archive blogs May – July below).  This post will fulfill that debt.

SA Tour Blog Posts

When you plan a bespoke itinerary, you always hope to walk away with photos and videos that tell your experience over and over.  But, sometimes that is not the case. Many travelers like me are amateur photographers.  We capture favorite scenes with our point and shoot cameras or smart phones and other tech devices.

Whichever lens used, oftentimes it is hard to control the environment even though center-stage or an incredible vantage point might be yours.  Some of the things you cannot control are: extemporaneous noises, movement, unsteady hands holding the lens, talking neighbors, babies crying, etc.  You may see a bit of some of these issues as you watch.   However, focus on the clips.  You may still be able to vicariously enjoy the scenes as much as I did.

SINGAPORE – Merlion Park (night show of projected light to music)


BALI – Tegallalang (rice terraces)


PHILIPPINES – PALAWAN (indigenous people playing on rudimentary instruments)


KUALA LUMPUR – view from the KL Menara Tower.  (Did you catch a glimpse of the Petronas Towers?)

Recounting the holiday experience and selecting the footage from my collection has taken me down memory lane.  Indeed, a blast from the past.  If you are thinking about taking a break in 2019 and would like a customized itinerary, then look no further.  I am your gal – Itinerary Planner.  Go to the “Itinerary Request page and select the itinerary plan you need.  Submit it with your payment and an itinerary made just for you will be in your mailbox soon after.

Readers and Community Peeps, is there a favorite video you like?  Do you have similar footage?  Compare and share with me.  I want to hear from you.  Your comments are always appreciated.  I look forward to reading your thoughts on the footage.

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Pictures of Paradise

Recently I  promised to share some photos of hangout spots I frequent when in paradise – Barbados.  A promise is a debt, and I do not like debt in any form.  Therefore, I am obliged to bring photos and video footage of the scenery that I enjoy from time to time whenever I visit the island nation.

Most of the locations showcased are serene places I like to go to relax, to meditate, to enjoy the breath taking views of hill and dale, and savor the peace and quiet of the surroundings.  In my season of sadness the familiar scenes helped to soothe my aching heart, and to bring a measure of peace and solace that can only be found in the great outdoors, nature itself.  I have seen these views many times, but this time, they proved to be the comfort and therapy I needed to face the ordeal at hand.

Let me preface your viewing of the collages below by saying I am not the world’s best photographer or videographer, so please forgive the lack of quality and creativity in what I captured.  I hope you find them refreshing, catch the essence, and enjoy them too.

First photos are of a place called Martins Bay.  It is a sleepy fishing village whose coastline is battered by the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The fish market on a narrow inlet of sand is a hive of activity when local fishermen bring in or clean their catch of the day.  It is also a popular mingling spot for tourist and locals who want a taste of fresh catch, dance to local vibes, and devour the Bajan gastronomic cuisine.  The downhill stroll to the bay is easy, but after eating a sumptuous meal of red snapper, dolphin (mahi-mahi) or some other exotic fish, the walk uphill may prove to be arduous, a good exercise for those who want to stay fit and in shape.

Next are pics of the historic St. John’s Parish Church which boasts the only sundial on the island (can you tell what time I was there?), also sarcophagi of European royals.  The Anglican church, a must-see, is well documented as a place of interest for tourist and considered to be a national heritage site.

Watch the video of the view from the church’s yard of the valley below, and the coastline all the way arcing to the north of the island.

Next are a few photos of the boardwalk in the city of Bridgetown, the Careenage, Independence Square and the gazebo at the Base Street Esplanade – a spectacular window to the sea to witness the evening sunset.

Last but certainly not least, Bim has its share of livestock and wild animals such as the green monkey and mongoose.  None are considered ferocious apart from the stray dog.  However, we do have a much beloved lion that is an iconic attraction for locals, as well as, visitors to the island.  ‘The Lion at Gun Hill’ is nestled in the middle of the island, and looks out over the valley below.  A trip to see the lion and the view are worth the time and effort.  It is a great photo opportunity, a treat both the young and old would enjoy.  You can rest assured in paradise this lion will not eat you or cause bodily harm 😂.

There you have it folks, just a taste of paradise.  I miss being there but already looking forward to the next visit in the coming months.  Want to join me?  Choose an itinerary on the Itinerary Page.  Submit with the appropriate payment and I will send you a customize itinerary that fits your taste.

Community Peeps, as always it is my total pleasure sharing my travel experiences and interests.  You have been supportive by sticking with me, reading and commenting from time to time.  I appreciate all of you.

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Picture Perfect

How far would you go to obtain a perfect photo?  Would you climb atop a rock, stand under a cascading waterfall, perch on the edge of an over-hang or stand precariously inches away from the edge of a sharp drop in height?  From any one of these choices a fatal fall could be the result.  Then certainly you would have gone too far for the perfect shot.

Recently, I read two separate reports of travelers/hikers who accidentally fell over the edge of a waterfall to their death.  Read of incidences here and here.  On both occasions they were swept away by the strong undertow and drowned.  At this point, it is irrelevant to debate the why’s and how’s of the accidents that caused their early demise.  What I really want to highlight are safety measures that could be practiced when we  travel.

Because I have done it and have also seen others take the risk for a “wow” photo,  it behooves me to underscore the need for safety practices when selecting the location which you might think gives the best view or background.  First, look around and assess the immediate surroundings.  A quick scan can tell you whether it is a good idea to proceed with your photo exercise.  It might not always be necessary or top-of-mind to scope out the surroundings for the perfect picture, nevertheless, in the great outdoors, it is imperative that vacationers take note and exhibit due caution and common sense when choosing the best spot or angle for their photo “snap-of-the-year.”

Grand Canyon_1

Occasionally, on trips one may see a dare-devil sightseer seeking picturesque spots that could be potentially dangerous.  With just a slip of the foot, a strong gust of wind, a misjudged step on loose gravel, losing your balance, suddenly realizing that you don’t like heights, or feeling the first effects of vertigo are all real possibilities to an accident waiting to happen.  Careless decisions and spur-of-the-moment actions like closing your eyes for the pose could lead to unwanted troubles for the tourist, and put in harm’s way those who may attempt to save them.  Always pose for your shot a safe distance away from the edge and keep your eyes open.  

Cebu Philippines_Kawasan FallsAt Kawasan Falls in Cebu, Philippines, for example, I witnessed swimmers constantly daring to venture pass the cordoned-off area just to bob beneath the forceful, pounding cascade, only to be called back to safety by the life-guard’s piercing whistle blow.  Another danger that could prove treacherous is stepping into the murky shallows without a guide.  Extreme caution should be displayed.  A slip on a mossy rock can be your undoing.  The Grand Canyon in Arizona is another place where I’ve seen visitors push the limits to take their best pictures.  Moreover, enough cannot be said concerning safety protocol and precautions.  Many accidents can be avoided if careful consideration and clear warnings are heeded.  In the end it is not worth losing your life or endangering the lives of others for a photo.

Community Peeps and fellow bloggers, what has been your experience on the subject matter?  Have you ever pushed the limit for a picture perfect?  Please share your thoughts.  It  may help to convince someone to be more cautious.  Do you agree?

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Proof Positive

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, therefore the long-awaited photos in the slide shows below are going to have to do all the talking for now. With more than 1000+ photos of my Southeast Asia tour (Philippines (Palawan, Cebu, Sagada, Manila), Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bali) to sift through, it was near impossible not to go back down memory lane, and to choose the ones that would best tell the story.

Admittedly, it was difficult deciding which photos would make the cut, organizing them by occasion, and choosing the right medium to bring them to you.  Let me interject here, in some instances where I am not behind the lens, that photo credits are to be given to Sopiya, Nico, Greg, Danica, Nico, Edgar, Deisy, Clarence and Mary Ann.  I chose slide shows (labeled by location name & year and a last slide show called “Friends”) as the best mode for viewing all the pictures in this post (sorry for my inept media skill, any suggestions on how to do it better are welcomed).  The snapshots are proof positive of my adventures in each place, of my encounters with the natives and the rich cultural heritage they possess, but more importantly, of the friends I have made along the way.  It can be yours too.  Because of the volume of pics, videos will come in a later post.

After viewing all the slides, and you are inspired to travel to the far corners of Southeast Asia wanting a similar experience, I can help you plan the itinerary that’s right for you. Let me reassure you, you won’t make the same mistakes I did (read about my accounts in previous postings).

Now for the promised moment you have been waiting for:

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Community Peeps, et al, again it was simply a pleasure to share this experience with you.  I look forward to receiving your comments and questions.  Thank you for sticking with me throughout this journey.

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Wanderlust Beginnings

I began my travels in high school. My first trip abroad was to the United Kingdom. This was an auspicious occasion for me, leaving a third world country for a first world country many times larger than my homeland Barbados which is 166 square miles, 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.

It was my first time on an airplane too. From that time of wanting to see places that I had only seen in pictures and coupled with the desire of always wanting to know what lay beyond the horizon gave birth to my wanderlust beginnings.

I have visited over 80+ countries and every continent except Antarctica. I travel mostly solo. From my travels I have created several scrapbooks that recount these trips in detail. I’ve acquired a menagerie of refrigerator magnets that have become a focal conversational piece in my home for all first-time visitors and traveling friends. They are often amazed at the places I have visited and listen intently to stories/experiences of my travels. Usually, their final question is, “Where are you going to next?” and my enigmatic response is, “The world is my Oyster!”