Walking Around Times Square

A girl’s day out is always a fun time, but when there is something to celebrate, that makes it all the more special.  To honor the birthday girl we decided to spend the day in Manhattan.  A Broadway show and dinner at the end was the plan, but in New York City you often get more than you bargain for.  We were all excited and looked forward with eagerness of the much talked about musical.   From my perspective, I had forgotten how electrifying The Big Apple is.  To be there in the hustle and bustle of this amazing city added to the excitement we were feeling.

We started out on the day’s adventure with a short stroll through a Queens neighborhood to the subway station for the ride into the city.  A least one of us had not taken the subway since the days of using tokens to enter the turnstiles, and two of us had to be introduced on how to use the vending machines for metro-cards.  It was almost laughable, but we felt like visiting tourists in our very own city.   It was as though we were seeing things for the first time and discovering the beauty of the city all over again.  The underground train ride was smooth and uneventful.

We arrived at the theatre ahead of schedule and decided to walk around a bit to pass the time.  We browsed nearby shops and somehow managed to restrain ourselves from purchasing the tempting items that were for sale.  Again, I had forgotten how artful some vendors can be in trying to entice the mesmerized shopper to purchase their goods.  Time came for the theatre and we headed back to the location.  The show was two and a half hours.  It was not a disappointment and those two and a half hours felt more like an hour.  The songs were familiar, and from time to time I could hear my neighbors quietly humming the tunes.  The story-line was interesting too.  I am not a critic by any means, but it is my opinion and safe to say, that judging from the applause throughout the show and especially at the end that the cast did an excellent job.

After the show, it was time to eat and we chose Italian food, one of my favorite cuisines.  Our birthday celebrant was treated to a surprise serenade and cake.  She was happy.  Stuffed to the brim with a sumptuous meal, we agreed to walk it off and that’s where a whole new “show” began.  We walked around Times Square, sometimes taking photos of ourselves and on occasion for others who stopped us and asked.  We watched in amazement at the sea of people milling around in the area.  It was great just to watch the wonder and excitement on the faces of the families, couples, individuals that we passed.  We could tell most of them were visitors to our city because of their picture taking and selfie posing.  Those who sat on the riser steps at the Ticket Master booth were seated as if they were watching a sporting event or concert.  They were packed in, shoulder to shoulder, in every inch of space with hardly any room for others to climb the steps.  As far as the eye could see, people were standing around gazing at the jumbo screens, watching street artists perform, snapping photos of girls displaying body art among everything else that was going on around them.  If you ask me, and I say this facetiously, who needs Broadway when you have so much going on within the few blocks that is called Times Square?

Community Peeps, The Big Apple (New York City) is an amazing place to visit.  It is vibrant, interesting and holds a wonder that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  We spent more time walking around Times Square than we had planned.  A place that once had a sleazy reputation but now is considered a must-do and ‘the place’ to visit when in Manhattan.  If you have visited this city, please tell me of your experience and if you agree with me about Times Square in the comment box below.

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