Because You Follow

Besides itinerary planning, there are a few other reasons why I started this travel website and blog.  One of the main reasons why I continue to share from week to week is because YOU follow.  Last week I reached 1000+ followers and I want to thank all of you for that.  When I achieved the millennial status, it gave me fresh wind beneath my wings.  This milestone is significant and exciting to me.  It’s exhilarating to know that everyone of you are interested in reading what I have to say.  Of course, I do not take it lightly, and am truly humbled by the fact that my community is growing.  Like brushing my teeth, combing my hair and dressing for work, I take pride in what I want to share with you, am careful to be positive and encouraging (at least I hope I am), and being honest and genuine in sharing my views.  You are the reason for my continued presence online and I hope to always deliver on promises, experiences, thoughts, tips and relevant travel related information.

Community Peeps and readers, you have stuck with me, offered your comments, clicked liked, shared on your social media pages and followed.  You didn’t have to do any of this, and so, your interaction with me via this portal is greatly appreciated.  Obviously, I cannot thank you enough, and it is at times such as these when words fail me.  Suffice it then to know that it is all because of you why this website and blog continues to exists.  I hope that you will always enjoy reading, be impressed to like, boldly comment on subject matter, and willingly share on your social media pages too.

I am grateful and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

More times,

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500+ And Growing

Community Peeps, first things first.  It is only fitting that Travel Itineraries (TI) pause in her normal posting routine to say “Thank You” to all who do any of the following: click follow, like, comment and share on other social media sites.  By clicking follow, you became a part of my fan base.  That gave me the privilege to speak to you on topics that are near and dear to my heart – vacations old and new, tips, lifestyle, adventure, travel strategy, and the like.

This week, WordPress informed me that my blog/website has grown to 500 followers.  The actual number is 517 (includes fans from twitter and email).  In January I received the first achievement notice that I had reached 100,  then in February 200, and now, 500.  I believe the next notification will come when TI reaches 1000.  Hopefully that will not take another year to accomplish 😊.  After all, it is not an impossible goal, but rather a desirable carrot to look forward to.  However, for now, I am happy with all of you and humbly offer my thanks for your interest.  Two thoughts that help to keep the growth expectations real are: “the snails were on board Noah’s Ark along with the cheetahs,” and the other is “never compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is all about.”  These two thoughts help to keep the perspective and goal for TI in view.  Therefore, whether there are 100, 200, 500 or 1000 followers, know that you are individually valuable to Travel Itineraries growth and success.

So, this blog is dedicated to you.  Your time and attention, as well as, your comments and likes (even on LinkedIn) re every posting have not gone unnoticed.  I appreciate that you hang in there with me from the time you became a follower until now.  I encourage your continued participation and insight as I am always seeking ways to make TI more interesting and thought provoking for you.  Should I say it again?  Thank God for every one of you.  You are important to me.  You are the reason why I post weekly to talk specifically of itinerary planning and travel matters.   Thank you for lending me your ear.

More times,

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Two Thousand Thanks

When I launched Travel Itineraries blog-website eight months ago, I had no idea, experience, or understanding of what it would take to maintain it.  It is like a child that needs constant attention, love and care.  Good thing I know the adage that says, “It takes a whole village to raise a child.”  That’s where my followers come in.  Their interest, attention, comments and likes have engendered the growth of the site into the viable entity it is today.

200 followers are not a large number, the actual number as of today is 226, but it is not a meager stat by any means.  In fact, my 200+ followers are the bedrock of the site and just the community I need to ensure that TI‘s growth continues progressively.  They are the crucial link to the site’s existence.  They are the ones who got in on the ground level and are helping to shape the dynamics of what TI is all about and the contributions she makes.  So, followers, this is all about you.


TI Award

Travel Itineraries landed on the world’s stage with a bang in July 2017.  She received 177 views in one day mainly from USA, Canada and Barbados.  Friends oohed, ahhed and said how beautiful she was.  Some sent messages to their social media communities echoing her existence.  Over time, she has gained global interest and to date 83 countries are included in her fan base.  She has grown to a level where she receives adoring fans on a weekly basis.  Every newborn needs support.  Lots of it.  My brainchild is no different.  She demands attention and constant care, which at times can be all-consuming, but those are just aspects of her nature.  Despite her demanding attributes and challenges, she also brings incredible joy and happiness to my daily life.

I want to thank my community peeps from the depths of my heart for their support, comments and likes from inception to now. WordPress Happy Engineers for their patience and wealth of knowledge.  Family and friends who continue to encourage and care for TI by occasionally checking in on her and giving their suggestions for her progress.

Two thousand thanks are more apropos of my heartfelt appreciation for the time you take to read the blogs, peruse the website pages, purchase a travel itinerary, view videos and photo gallery and the like.  Your time and interest in Travel Itineraries’ growth, content and contribution are valuable to me.

As always, fellow bloggers on the WordPress, LinkedIn, Google+ platforms, please drop a note in the comment box, follow or like to let me know your solidarity.  I look forward to hearing from you.

More times,

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