Plight, Fight or Flight

I don’t know which is worse, the effects of an impending snow storm or the effects of the government shutdown on airports and other entry/exit points.   Neither one is a favorite action for the traveler who may have planned a bespoke itinerary months ago and are eagerly looking forward to executing their trip down to the last detail.  Now, it might be looking like a toss-up in the face of uncertainty.

Today begins a three-day holiday weekend (Martin Luther King holiday) and the forecast indicates the Northeast will be blanketed with lots of white, fluffy powder from the sky.  Also, today marks the 28th day of no work and no pay cheque for federal workers, the longest closure in history.  Both conditions will indeed serve up the same impact on the besieged traveler.  Both acts (weather and shutdown) will cause delays at airports.  The predicted bad weather may snarl traffic, hinder flight take-offs and landings at most area airports.  The federal work stoppage may cause long wait times for processing, increase security vulnerability, and close unmanned stations due to personnel no-shows.  Whilst heavy snowfalls are not an anomaly at airports during the winter season, the impact of the shutdown is.  TSA and other pertinent airport workers are working without pay, sick-outs have been reported and processing times have become more extended.  What does it all mean?  How should one handle the situation?  Cautiously.

The same plan you use to handle the snowfall interruption, may be adopted to manage any delays with your ground procedures.  Before leaving the sanctity of your home check local news for updates.  Plan ahead.  Arrive early for your departure.  Be prepared to spend more than average wait times to be processed.  In either situation, be patient and empathetic to those serving you.  After all, they may be overworked, and stressed about their circumstances too.

Community Peeps, I may not have the perfect solution to these problems.  Also, I understand how difficult and disappointing it would be if you had to cancel your trip due to either situation.  However, neither issue compares in scope to the plight, fight or flight of government workers who face job loss, and tough times making ends meet for their families due to no pay.  Neither settings offer a good start to even the best tailored vacation itinerary possible.   So, what would you suggest?  What tips would you give to the traveler in these circumstances?  Please share your thoughts on the matter in the comment box below.  I would like to hear from you.

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