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Vacations are meant to be enjoyable, relaxing retreats from the normal, everyday way of life.  Every traveler anticipates having a wonderful time away from home, exploring new places, eating exotic foods, viewing new and interesting places and things.  All these and more help to make up the most memorable time spent on holiday.  However, there are instances when because of poor planning and lack of foresight, your expectations for a fabulous trip can become unhinged.  It is therefore imperative that with careful itinerary planning you cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s especially when you want to attend a specific attraction.

There is no frustration like turning up to an attraction or event only to find tickets have been sold out minutes before you arrived, or the attendance quota for the day’s activity have been met.  What is a traveler to do to avoid such disappointments?  Well, here are a few simple tips you can implement into your travel plan before reaching your destination.

Internet Research – This part of the planning is key to making an informed choice of where and when to attend a particular activity.  In the research look for the best days and times to attend your activity.  Knowing the peak times will help you to decide how far in advance you will need to purchase tickets and arrive ahead of the crowd.   If free days are offered, quota amounts may be enforced and should be considered.  Therefore, I strongly recommend that you note the following:  opening and closing times, days of operations, free days, if any, entrance fees and discounts for seniors, children, veterans, and differently-abled.

Online Purchase – Almost every sightseeing activity will have a ticket booth on location.  However, where crowds are usually the norm, it is only wise to pre-book and pre-purchase your ticket before the event.  Many official tourist sites offer online services to select time and date of event ticket.  Confirmation numbers are provided to claim tickets at location, if a print option is not given.   Another possibility to secure tickets would be to ask your hotel concierge to reserve the booking and pay for the event via your hotel.  Again, communicating your event needs with the hotel management would help to offset any frustrations and stress in attaining your bookings, seat or entrance.

Always walk with a print copy of your confirmation, or, take a photo of the confirmation/ticket and keep in your smart phone.  Keep a copy of your online dialogue if you used a third party to make reservations.  Having your credit card with you is another way to verify bookings.

Crowd Avoidance – This may be impossible at times.  Sometimes as the crowd builds before doors open, you may find multiple lines, some pushing and shoving if people are not respectful.  If you have the time to spear, become familiar with the location a day or two ahead of your event.  First you want to know how to get to the destination without delay.  Then you want to see what the entrance activity is like, smooth transition or a bustle, is there one or multiple entrances.

Check Ticket Information – Whether tickets are purchased online or via a third party, it is very important to go over the details carefully.  A common mistake people make usually occur around the month and day selection.  Confirm receipt and validate if necessary.  If tickets are purchased months in advance, maintain a line of communication with management in the event of a cancellation, unexpected delay or postponement.

If you take these simple measures to gain entrance to an activity or event, then you will be sure to alleviate some of the needless stress that many encounter on vacation.  At the entrance sight you will be able to present your ticket.  Remember to always keep your confirmation number or credit card receipt handy if asked for further proof of purchase.  Doing all these things will help to ensure your memories are happy ones without a hint of misfortune or disappointment.

Community Peeps, have you been turned away from an activity/event/location just because you did not pre-purchase your ticket or were stuck in a crowded line?  If you have visited places like Machu Picchu, Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Galapagos, and other popular destinations then you will concur that it is best to have your ticket in hand, ready for easy entrance.  Also, these easy steps may be applied when traveling on long-distant buses, ferries, and attending entertainment parks.  Share in the comment box below your experience securing entrance to a must-see event or activity.

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