To Check Or Not to Check Electronics

Today new security measures are being implemented for all inbound flights to the USA.  The travel process includes: screening passengers, checking laptops/electronics, thorough questionings, etc.  What does it all mean for travelers in terms of safety, packing, and check-in times?

Obviously safety is the number one priority that is driving this new demand.  Airports and airlines in every country around the world, like it or not, are scrambling to make the necessary adjustments to comply with these US demands.  These new measures, considered by many to be a direct outpour of the travel ban against several predominantly Muslim countries adopted earlier this year, will enhance security.  It is therefore needless to say, that every passenger, anywhere in this world, would undeniably agree that when flying, their safety is paramount.

Packing is a sore spot of contention for me (especially traveling to see relatives) when my bags always weigh more than the allotted 50 pounds.  Still, I am well aware there are rules to be followed and I usually fall in line.  After today, I will now have to consider how important it is for me to add my electronics, laptop, iPad, etc. to my checked luggage.  I don’t know how comfortable you feel about that, but I believe most people don’t like the idea of packing their electronic valuables into there checked bags for fear of theft.  Yes, this is a reality.  I’ve seen enough hidden camera’s exposé on the subjects of “baggage tampering” and “missing valuables” not to be fearful of a similar likelihood happening to me.

What is one to do if one’s electronics are missing from their checked bags?  Is the answer more insurance coverage?  Will we see a proliferation of missing electronics insurance claims?  Let’s wait to see what happens on that score.  To avoid packing electronics, maybe this could be a new entrepreneurial “Amazon International” opportunity (short-term electronics rental stores) for travelers to and from the US.  Contact me for the details (being facetious).

Airport check-ins as it stands can be a hassle at times.  You must be checked-in two hours prior to boarding for international flights.  Some countries are already requesting travelers bound for the USA to check-in up to three hours ahead of their flight schedule.  This course of action must be taken to expedite the newly adopted screening  process, and on top of that, passengers are warned to expect delays.

My plans to carry my favorite electronics on my upcoming trip will now be pared down to one or two items.  I suppose that by the time I’m ready to return to the USA from my travels abroad, I will not encounter much delays or processing hiccups.  It will have all become a seamless process, much like taking off my shoes, belt, jacket, etc. at the TSA check point.

What are your thoughts on these new measures?  Drop me your comment on “to check or not to check electronics.”

As always, thanks for reading.