Work Or Study, Paradise Awaits

September is leaving at a fast clip and I have not updated my peeps on the latest and greatest in a while, so before October arrives let me go on record and post my thoughts on a recent vidoe footage I viewed via a popular social media platform.

In previous months. there has been much talk in the news since the Covid-19 fallout, of Barbados becoming a travel destination option for privileged work-at-home persons in places like Canada, USA, and Europe. Recently, it has become more fodder for news anchors, and journalist who seem to find the novelty idea farfetched.  I wonder why.  Have those persons ever been to these shores?  Probably not.  The focus has shifted from the work-at-homers to university students, who, after doing the math, realize it would be totally worth it, and that it is cheaper to study online in paradise rather than remain at home or in their university town under lockdown, or with limited mobility/restrictions.  Four such students who were interviewed, took the plunge and are currently living together on the island enjoying the benefits of being in an almost covid-free environment.

To show you what could be a big draw besides our pristine beaches, warm weather and laid back lifestyle, I have included a few pictures of scenes, one would consider off-the-beaten path.  After you view the collage, tell me who wouldn’t want to move to this island?  Your answer would more than likely be, “I would in a heartbeat 😆”  All kudos for the photos below belong to my newest friend Chris who is an avid hiker.  View and enjoy.

Community Peeps, the protracted existence of the Corona virus is truly testing our resolve to go the distance.  The eventuality that more and more creative ideas and options will be proffered by governments to jumpstart their struggling economies, and tempt interested or tired persons to explore should not be surprising or be met with derision.  After all, you can choose to take it or leave it.  Are any of you considering working at a different location or in a different country if its cost effective?  Would love to read your thoughts on such a move, and of the pictures.  Drop your note in the comment box below.

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