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What you may be reflecting on at this moment are your 2020 travel plans that have been completely hijacked by Covid-19. No amount of foresight or expert planning could have prepared anyone for what the virus brought.  I, for one, would have been planning bespoke itineraries of fun, adventure, and excitement to exotic places. But, for several months now, the pandemic has dominated the headlines and ruled the airwaves.  Daily news spew staggering statistics that tell of unthinkable loss of life and irreparable hurt to people around the world.  As if that is not enough to deal with, the racial divide and social injustice, another heavy weight, has inevitably entered the ring and been catapulted to the forefront.  Considering both social issues, you may be feeling, and rightly so, a bit like George Floyd did, having a knee in his neck and could not breathe.  Some ugly cracks are beginning to show under the strain of extended periods of lockdown.  So, do I have to ask again for a show of hands if you concur.

You are anxious to move past the current state of affairs. You are tired of witnessing horrific expressions of violence, hate and blatant lawlessness. Let me interject, it is not my intent to belittle or demean the social demands that are being made for justice and equality, on the contrary, I support the call for fair-mindedness irrespective of color or race. Having said that, I believe we are all beginning to feel antsy or a bit impatient and would like to get back to business as usual. Do not be ashamed if you long for life the way you knew it pre-Covid-19. I think many of us may be screaming on the inside, “enough already.” Therefore, focusing on something more meaningful and worthwhile than the anger that has settled on us like a blanket is more appealing. At least, it would not feel like life is slipping away right before our very eyes.

Arguably, some American states and international territories have resumed business activities and have seen a spike in new cases. Is there a lesson to be learned here? If so, what is the takeaway from reopening too soon. Will we ever be at ease or feel sufficiently comfortable to open borders again? At some point we must take the plunge and manage life as best we can, right?

Well, it is now a little over 35 days since Barbados has had any new cases, and, no one in quarantine.  Restrictions have been lifted and attempts to initiate new procedures across the business culture are taking shape.  Though mobility has been reinstated and businesses are open with unlimited access, wearing a face mask and frequent sanitizing are non-negotiable.  The new guidelines allow for gatherings of up to 500 persons and maintain a physical distance of three feet.  Churches have reopened and celebrations can begin in earnest as long as the rules are followed.  Commercial flights will resume from mid-July.

Community Peeps, do you think by any stretch of the imagination we are out of the woods?  Is there safety in relaxing the protective measures just because we have not had any new cases in over a month? What are we to expect from the return of airline flights and large gatherings?  When would be a good time to start to unwrap the bubble-wrap we are packed so tightly in?  Yes, there are more questions than answers, but what is your point of view?  I would like to hear from you as usual.  I treasure and learn from your responses and comments.  So, go ahead and share in the comment box below.  

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10 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If…

    • Indeed, we are fortunate to have good results. Not because we are better than, or doing anything differently to most. In fact, we consider the loss of one life to Covid-19 to be one too many. We are relieved that the restrictions have been lifted. However, there is some apprehension of what lies ahead with the relaxed measures. We will have to wait and see what happens as time goes by. Thanks for your comment. It was interesting.


  1. Every country’s economy has taken a big hit. However, re-opening businesses and resuming flights with more and more people moving around and are infected can cause a spike in the virus. It may be best to wait a bit longer and continue to follow the health guidelines.

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    • I agree. However most economies can’t wait too much longer before they tank completely. Steps must be taken to jumpstart the economy and stimulate growth. Hopefully, adequate testing and frequent sanitizing will help to limit outbreaks. We can only hope for the best. Thanks for sharing your opinion.


  2. We are doing a series at church called “Unknown” and I have to trust God and not our ever changing circumstances. I am really enjoying each day and each hike as if it is my last – who knows if in this world of unknowns, it might be.

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  3. Thate6 good for Barbados , hopefully we get to see some silver lining over here. My travel/ work plans has been put on hold since 2019 lol with being a new mom, now this pandemic. On one side I get to spend times with my baby but the other my finances are non existent.

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