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Today is National Heroes Day in Barbados.  Normally, this designated public holiday would have been a day of celebration across the island as Barbados’ nation builders, far and wide, are recognized, honored, and saluted.  However, Covid-19 and physical distancing has put paid to any type of celebration as most know it, which, under normal circumstances would have been more elaborate.  Hence, the spotlight is now cast on the often unsung heroes among us: essential and healthcare workers, fire and police officers, first responders and frontline workers.  They are those who daily put their lives at risk to help protect and serve all of us on this little island.  I, like many other Barbadians (Bajan) across the island am experiencing moments of pride.

Although I am not a political watchdog, commentator or authority, I am, however, proud of the current government administration and their handling of the crisis.  Their hands-on, practical and wise approach with frequent formal and informal appearances via all communicative mediums to enlighten Barbadians is appreciated and on target.  Their sincerity and genuine interest in maintaining the health and safety of every Bajan is noted by their frequent request to follow the guidelines and processes put in place, such as: curfew times, essential shopping day and time, gathering limits, etc.  They have not dropped the ball in highlighting and upholding Barbados’ legacy as a place where humanitarianism and brother’s keeper are practiced on a national level.  Case in point, when other countries closed their doors to the many cruise ships in the region, our tiny island supported and hosted the various captains and crews for many weeks.  Also, when foreigners from other countries were left adrift, Bajans stepped in to accommodate those stranded.

Another reason to be proud of this island is the culture.  Right about now, the island would be gearing up for carnival that begins with month-long festivities.  The authorities took the decision to cancel the event in light of the situation.  It was met with resounding support and approval from those in arts, cultural industry, all and sundry.  Albeit a loss to tourism, Covid-19 has not been able to deter or dampen the spirit of those calypsonians who provide the social commentary in their music.  I enjoy the occasional songs and humor on the local TV station that is used to encourage and get the message across to everyone to practice good hygiene, wear a mask and stay away from each other.

In this crisis, we have many heroes to highlight and celebrate on this holiday.   The overall response by Barbadians has been phenomenal.  I cannot be prouder of my island home.  We may have been robbed of a few things this year because of this disease, but if I were to speak for all Bajans, I would certainly say, “Covid-19 has brought out the best in all of us.  We are stronger together.  We will get through this.”

Community Peeps, as we and the rest of the world continue to struggle with this virus, our island pauses to acknowledge persons who have contributed in one way or another in the fight.  We too have a ‘clap for our heroes’ time every week.  What are you doing while in lockdown to show your appreciation?  Share your experience and proud moments in the box below.  I am extremely interested in hearing of it.

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    • The lockdown is being viewed by many as a time to make BIM a better place for new and returning tourist to visit again . God willing, that time will not be long. Thanks for the kudos about our nation and people. We all appreciate it. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you.

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    • Every dark cloud has a silver lining. We are all in this fight together, and it we can see they’re doing the best they can with the little resources they have. They too need to know they are appreciated. Thanks for sharing your comment and observations. Much appreciated.

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