Vacation And Viruses Make Strange Bedfellows

Vacations are times mostly spent relaxing and enjoying adventures to your liking.  However, a holiday that is carefully planned, anticipated and eagerly embarked on, which turns into hours of precious time lying sick in a hotel room, or far worse, on a hospital bed, is not anyone’s idea of the vacation of their dreams.  Undoubtedly, the onslaught of sudden or gradual illness, which is definitely not a part of the itinerary, could indeed suck the enthusiasm from a trip and turn it into the holiday from hell.  Therefore, in my estimation, vacation and viruses make strange bedfellows.

Today, the Coronavirus is a major concern to countries around the world.  Currently, the deadly disease, though the one thing that does not carry the label ‘made in China’ (pun intended) appears to have no known cure.  It is talked about on every news network and bulletins after bulletins are appearing all over the web.  As more and more information become available, we can safely surmise that this illness is not trifling, nor to be treated with scant interest.  Health agencies have communicated the symptoms and dangers of the disease to the general public.  Precautionary information is readily available on the internet that will help to safeguard against contracting the disease.

The overt concern shown by health officials and governments for their citizens working in foreign countries that have seen cases of the disease, ripples out to also include tourists already on vacation, and those who will soon travel to parts where the disease has surfaced or is prevalent.  Your adherence to and precautionary measures taken as outlined by your host country and accommodation facility will most likely help to keep you in the pink of health.  I’m sure you know this already, but I still want to reiterate a few simple tips you can practice safeguarding against becoming ill with this disease.

  1. Wash hands regularly
  2. Always use an alcohol-base hand sanitizer
  3. Wear a mask to cover nose and mouth especially when in public places where lots of people meet.
  4. Avoid large assemblies or places where people gather such as malls, stadiums, etc.
  5. Avoid, if possible, touching rails and much handled apparatus
  6. Use wipes to clean table surfaces and counter-tops where you sit to eat
  7. Spray room with disinfectant
  8. Wash clothing as often as possible
  9. Drink fluids to hydrate and eat foods that will boost immune system
  10. Incessant sneezing, coughing, or raised temperature seek medical attention immediately

Besides these 10 pointers, you have other options such as:

  1. If already in foreign country where the virus is rampant, shorten the vacation and return home
  2. If about to travel, cancel trip and reschedule for another time, or
  3. Change flight, if possible, to a different location

Community Peeps, becoming sick on a vacation is never a prospect that we like to think of or even anticipate.  However, it can happen in the blink of an eye.  Not too long ago, while on my trip in the Philippines, I caught a bug that caused sneezing, runny nose and left me feeling under the weather.  I curled up in my hotel room and with the aid of the breakfast server, I guzzled down hot cups of lemon tea, drank plenty fluids and ate lots of fruits rich in vitamin C.  Fortunately, within a few short days, I was able to fend off the virus that threatened to incapacitate me.  Thank God I had an observant housekeeping staff who noticed my inactivity, and assisted with my natural remedy so that I could feel better.  What other tips would you add to those above for those on vacation?  Besides a tip,  please feel free to also share an experience in the comment box below.

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7 thoughts on “Vacation And Viruses Make Strange Bedfellows

  1. Timely article and very good tips. I visited San Francisco a couple of years ago and was incapacitated for 5 days in my hotel room with a nasty virus. I now carry small wipes and used them to wipe down my room – remote control, door knobs, etc. I would have though that a little excessive at first, but I’ll take excess over THAT virus again. Thanks!

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    • We can’t be too careful when it comes to our health so your excessiveness is more than reasonable. The adage is true, prevention is better than cure. Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate your comment we can all learn from it.


  2. I joked with a friend of mine when coronavirus was just starting to rear it’s head that if this thing blows up, I’m heading south. It seems like it’s no longer a joke since it’s moving all over the place except areas of extreme temperature. Africa, South America, & Greenland are safe for now. Excellent tips.

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  3. I have acquired a habit of constantly washing my hands after touching things and I do this several times during the day. Guess what? I can’t remember the last time I was sick, at least ten years, could be more.

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