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Are you sleep deprived?  Do you have a sleep deficit?  If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then a vacation is what you need to catch up on your ZZzzzzs.  When planning a bespoke vacation itinerary most people don’t think of outlining the amount of time they will spend sleeping.   That thought sounds like a pure waste of time on a good vacation, right?  Of course, the general idea of every traveler is to squeeze every ounce of excitement, adventure, entertainment and enjoyment that they possibly can, out of the vacation.  Understandably so.  They may have saved for many years for the journey, or the leave might have been in the works for some time before becoming a reality, or yet again, it may be a trip of a lifetime and certainly not a minute should be wasted, especially on something as simple as sleep which could be done at home.

It is logical why tourists seek to maximize on every minute of their custom made itineraries.   Arguably, engaging in sightseeing, adventures and outings are not generally a part of their regular daily lifestyle.  However, it is imperative that some thought be given to obtaining a good night’s rest even while on vacation.  Restful sleep is important and will enhance the holiday experience of the tripper on a whole.

Most tourists that visit my island home come from the major cities of North America and Europe.  They come looking to have a good time, day and night.  While they may choose to burn their candles at both ends and even in the middle here, those who opt to catch a few winks will find their rest, peaceful and invigorating.  Gone are the loud noises of the big cities they left behind like honking horns, jackhammers in construction, sirens, etc., but are replaced with the peaceful sounds of night that help to lull the weary tourist to sleep.  Sounds like the rustle of gentle breezes in the trees, the lapping of the waves on the edge of the seashore, the sound of intermittent showers of rain on a zinc roof, and the chirping of crickets.

Why am I writing on this subject of restful sleep at this time of my visit?  Obviously, my sleep was disturbed by sounds of booming music coming from a well-known plantation ‘Great House’ (recently witnessed fireworks display on New Year’s Eve for the first time there too).   Apparently, this is a sign of creeping changes that are becoming the new norm in my neighborhood.  Therefore, it is my opinion, that the sounds of the night that I am so accustomed to are under threat as entertainment venues are venturing beyond the city and tourist areas limits.  Thank God, this occurrence happens on a weekend and is not a nightly disturbance.

Community Peeps, even though your itinerary may be jam-packed with lots to do and see, make sure to receive enough sleep every night.   It is not wasted time.  Your body will thank you for it after a vigorous, high energy and active day’s outing.  It will make the holiday a memorable experience and, on your return, you won’t feel like you need a vacation from the vacation.  Is there anything you would like to add about the benefits of a good night’s sleep when on holiday?  Please share it in the comment box below.

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10 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Night

  1. I know what you’re saying. I’ve gotten used to the different noises I hear at night. From the crickets chirping, music from a social gathering, house or business alarm,(which is going off right now), a generator humming, and right over my head in my bedroom the ticking of the clock on the wall. All of that could disturb my nights rest, but they don’t.

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    • Waking bright eyed and bushy tailed after a good night’s rest can make your day productive and exceptional. A good sleep helps the brain and entire body to function much better than if you didn’t have enough sleep. Glad you enjoyed the post. Safe travels on the road. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. This is a great post! We are taking a much needed vacation this summer and sleep is definitely on my list of things to do! I couldn’t agree more that vacations are for rest. That’s why we stopped doing “family visit” vacays—because we never got ANY rest. Now we go where we can have nothing but a restful and relaxing break! It’s not often we are able to get away from the hectic nature of our regular day to day lives, so we have to take advantage of the opportunity to get some R&R! Thanks for the reminder!

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    • Indeed! The sad part is even the serene locations are becoming hives of activity. I am glad you agree that while on vacation you should carve out some time to get adequate rest. Thanks for affirming this post. Much appreciated.

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