One Hundred Times But Keeping My Day Job

Taking the good with the bad is a fact of life and as a blogger/itinerary planner, I must admit the processing experience has not always been ‘rosy.’  Last week I submitted my one hundredth post and it felt good to reach that milestone, but it didn’t come without its challenges.  While I can’t speak for every writer/blogger I can certainly tell you that writing an interesting post from week to week is not always an easy task without running the risk of sounding trite or frivolous.

One of the promises I made as a blogger to my readership and to myself is to always be true and transparent.  When I started this website and blog, the intention was to keep my readership informed on travel related matters and publish at least once a week, but there were times that I missed deadlines.  There are several reasons for that, but the most important ones are these:  I had nothing interesting or important to talk about, over-extended myself and was too busy, or in a sad funk about circumstances affecting me.  These reasons are all subjective but nonetheless real.

I love to write but after this 100th post it is clear that I should keep my day job 😝. When I’m inspired, writing flows easily and naturally, especially when the subject matter is of particular interest to me.  All the posts that I’ve published so far are expressions of my thoughts, life experiences, and I hope my writer’s voice is clearly heard.

Community Peeps, even though you may not be keeping tabs on me, I still want to keep it real. I celebrate this achievement knowing that you have an interest in what I bring to the table, whenever I post.  Thanks for your affirmations, comments and likes.  It means a lot to me.

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10 thoughts on “One Hundred Times But Keeping My Day Job

  1. I can relate to the challenge of writing a blog every week. And I’m only aiming for two a month (the other WordSisters cover the other weeks most of the time. Right now one of us is on hiatus). For all the reasons you name—over extended, nothing to say, in a funk—I decided to be more flexible and kind to myself about occasionally missing deadlines. I think readers are so busy that they don’t necessarily notice a blog that’s held over. And I don’t want to waste their time on a blog that’s brain drizzle. So congratulations and keep at it. Be kind to yourself!

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    • Thanks for visiting and following Travel Itineraries. Hope you find it interesting. Your site is interesting and I see we have somethings in common: we love to travel, collect dolls (in my case for my niece), and talk about our travel experiences via picture, as well as, in word. It is easy to navigate and colorful. Wishing you the best as you continue to grow your readership.


  2. I feel you on this soooooo much. I’m kind of a new blogger. I always have opinions I want to share and interesting conversations about language, culture, and travel that I want to have. But the problem was that I didn’t know many people in my personal life who were interested in having such conversations. I started blogging for that reason.

    I noticed that some of my favorite people put out content every day or like every other day. I don’t want race too fast to my own finish line, so i’ve set a tentative goal of one post per week like you. I agree with what you’re saying, it’s always better to provide quality, original content than to just create posts for the sake of numbers. Best of luck, and congrats on 100!

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    • Thank you. Your affirmation and understanding makes the journey easier. The race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end. I certainly recommend that you choose quality over quantity every time. Again, thanks for your comment. It is appreciated.

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