Thelma And Louise Hackers

Road trips are all about adventure and exploring the unknown in a vehicle.  There is a familiar movie of two women venturing off by themselves, escaping from their norms, moving from place to place to enjoy time on the road.  Even though I have never viewed the film in its entirety but have only seen snippets of it, I’ve gotten the gist and feel a kindred spirit to the two females and the adventurous tug they felt, to also embark on a similar road trip myself along with another gal pal.  You might recall, even Oprah and her best friend Gayle did something similar too.  So, because of a lack of originality, my girlfriend and I have become hackers and have dubbed this trip our ‘Thelma and Louise’ trip.

Our proposed road trip will be in the state of Georgia.  It is not only a getaway but will also serve as an introduction to my new home base.  For three weeks we will meander the highways and byways, visit favorite sites and points of interest, and become familiar with routes and main arteries that provide easy access in an out of the metro Atlanta area.  Since neither of us has ever undertaken such a trip before, it isn’t an understatement to say we are excited and intimidated at the same time.  We do not know what to expect, therefore I am going to beg your indulgence and ask for tips to make these upcoming three weeks a fabulous introduction for me and a vacation getaway at least for one of us 😊.  Give some insight and directions on what we can do to ensure the trip goes smoothly, and how to plan and prepare for the trek. Even though I am an itinerary planner, I can’t claim to know everything and so your suggestions can be very insightful.

Community Peeps and visitors to this blog, we are your modern-day Thelma and Louise hackers who are depending on your input.  Share your road trip experience in the comment box.  Ready or not, we will begin our drive at the end of this month, and I hope it will be all that we envision it to be, with your suggestions, of course.  Your recommendations will be helpful and appreciated.  So, as we hit the road (no pun intended) I hope to tell interesting updates on our progress and encounters each week.  If your tip is used at anytime along the way I will mention it and the name of your blog site in the update.

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13 thoughts on “Thelma And Louise Hackers

    • I may have to do a lot of escaping here, LOL. I have been to two state parks already and a few smaller city parks and it is truly a relaxing experience to just stroll and enjoy the peace and tranquility that nature brings. Thanks for your recommendation. I like it.


  1. Must follow. I love road trips. One of my favorite places in Georgia is Pres. Roosevelt’s summer home in Warm Springs (his Little White House). Can’t wait to hear more from your trip.

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    • We are getting around but have not yet visited President Roosevelt’s summer home. Hopefully we can get to it this trip or I’ll have to leave it to another time as a resident. Either way, I’ll make sure to see it because of your recommendation. Thanks for stopping by. Your comment is appreciated.

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