Sarcastic About Sargassum

Recent reports in travel news have stated beaches along the south coast were experiencing a new phenomenon that could threaten the livelihood of the tourism industry there.  The culprit is none other than a seaweed called – Sargassum (read the article in highlighted link).  If it is one thing tourist expect when they go to a beach is to find it pristine, the waters clean and clear of debris.  They expect to enjoy a time of fun and frolic in the sea and on the sand without interference.  However, the sea algae much to the consternation of the beachgoer is getting in the way, is unsightly and smells foul when it decomposes.

Sargassum has only just reached our shores along the Atlantic, but this problem has been a nightmare throughout the Caribbean for a few years now.  Governments of popular tourist destinations have been grappling with the predicament for some time and their tourism industries have been affected.  The maintenance of beaches and disposal of the seaweed has caused distressed hoteliers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The brown and orange colored seaweed is thick and presents an obstruction to marine life like turtles and smaller fish that thrive and live on the coral reefs near the shore.  Even small fishing boats have difficulty cutting through the impasse, before their motors become entangled in the weeds.  On occasion, when flying into my paradise island home Barbados, from the air I have seen long, large swathes of the plant floating on top the ocean waves heading for the shore.  Because the island has been inundated with the algae, the government, at one time had to declare a national emergency.

For the tourist, this obstacle hampers the time they spend in the water.  I for one, don’t like stepping into the surf with seaweed ebb and flowing at my feet, furthermore, having to wade through to a depth where swimming would be more enjoyable.  The seaweed can also be a dangerous impediment not only to adults, but especially for small children who may become entangled while swimming.

Community Peeps, if you have travel plans to vacation in the south or to visit an island in the Caribbean, simply be aware of the disgusting seaweed.  Maybe if your favorite hotel/beach is faced with this dilemma then you can plan an alternative itinerary for your time there.  I don’t mean to be sarcastic about Sargassum when I tell you don’t get wrapped up in the beach this summer.  Be aware.  Your comments on any encounters are always welcomed.  Write them in the box below.

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10 thoughts on “Sarcastic About Sargassum

  1. Definitely encountered this issue in Cancun. To top it off the waters are very choppy there so despite being a strong swimmer I was concerned for my safety in the water and did not spend much time in the ocean.

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    • Glad you decided to play it safe. This problem is not going away anytime soon, so swimmers need to err on the side of caution. Thing is you can’t do anything productive, to my knowledge, with the detestable seaweed, and for now it’s only a nuisance to residents and tourists alike. Thanks for your reading and commenting. It is appreciated.

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  2. Wow, this sounds familiar. I live in Utah, and for the last few years we have what is called Algea Bloom in the local lakes. It is disgusting green stuff that smells and makes people sick if they swim in it. Darn Mother Nature anyway. This is highly inconvenient! Interesting article.

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    • I have never seen so much seaweed in all my life until now. Nature can throw us a curveball from time to time. I hope it will quickly run its course and beach going be more enjoyable once again. Thanks for reading and commenting. It is appreciated.


  3. Having grown up by the ocean and now I live by the ocean I just expect to see seaweed. I never thought about it. In fact there was a beach in Southern California which was littered with tin cans when I was growing up. Thanks for the article. I will be a little more aware.

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    • Seaweed is normal at any beach. However, an over abundance of it is not and that’s what’s happening in the Caribbean, Florida, and Mexico. It has become a problem and being aware of it puts you at an advantage if you are traveling to those parts and expect the perfect beach scene. You may be disappointed. Sounds like you faced a different kind of nuisance when growing up. That was the kind people created and we can do something about that by not littering/polluting and taking better care of our surroundings. With the seaweed we just have to wait on Mother Nature. Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.


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