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Recently I  promised to share some photos of hangout spots I frequent when in paradise – Barbados.  A promise is a debt, and I do not like debt in any form.  Therefore, I am obliged to bring photos and video footage of the scenery that I enjoy from time to time whenever I visit the island nation.

Most of the locations showcased are serene places I like to go to relax, to meditate, to enjoy the breath taking views of hill and dale, and savor the peace and quiet of the surroundings.  In my season of sadness the familiar scenes helped to soothe my aching heart, and to bring a measure of peace and solace that can only be found in the great outdoors, nature itself.  I have seen these views many times, but this time, they proved to be the comfort and therapy I needed to face the ordeal at hand.

Let me preface your viewing of the collages below by saying I am not the world’s best photographer or videographer, so please forgive the lack of quality and creativity in what I captured.  I hope you find them refreshing, catch the essence, and enjoy them too.

First photos are of a place called Martins Bay.  It is a sleepy fishing village whose coastline is battered by the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  The fish market on a narrow inlet of sand is a hive of activity when local fishermen bring in or clean their catch of the day.  It is also a popular mingling spot for tourist and locals who want a taste of fresh catch, dance to local vibes, and devour the Bajan gastronomic cuisine.  The downhill stroll to the bay is easy, but after eating a sumptuous meal of red snapper, dolphin (mahi-mahi) or some other exotic fish, the walk uphill may prove to be arduous, a good exercise for those who want to stay fit and in shape.

Next are pics of the historic St. John’s Parish Church which boasts the only sundial on the island (can you tell what time I was there?), also sarcophagi of European royals.  The Anglican church, a must-see, is well documented as a place of interest for tourist and considered to be a national heritage site.

Watch the video of the view from the church’s yard of the valley below, and the coastline all the way arcing to the north of the island.

Next are a few photos of the boardwalk in the city of Bridgetown, the Careenage, Independence Square and the gazebo at the Base Street Esplanade – a spectacular window to the sea to witness the evening sunset.

Last but certainly not least, Bim has its share of livestock and wild animals such as the green monkey and mongoose.  None are considered ferocious apart from the stray dog.  However, we do have a much beloved lion that is an iconic attraction for locals, as well as, visitors to the island.  ‘The Lion at Gun Hill’ is nestled in the middle of the island, and looks out over the valley below.  A trip to see the lion and the view are worth the time and effort.  It is a great photo opportunity, a treat both the young and old would enjoy.  You can rest assured in paradise this lion will not eat you or cause bodily harm 😂.

There you have it folks, just a taste of paradise.  I miss being there but already looking forward to the next visit in the coming months.  Want to join me?  Choose an itinerary on the Itinerary Page.  Submit with the appropriate payment and I will send you a customize itinerary that fits your taste.

Community Peeps, as always it is my total pleasure sharing my travel experiences and interests.  You have been supportive by sticking with me, reading and commenting from time to time.  I appreciate all of you.

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16 thoughts on “Pictures of Paradise

    • I have never heard there was one at Codrington College. Then again, would you believe me if I told you I’ve never set foot there either. So close and yet so far. I will make it a point to visit there next time, God willing. Yes Queen’s Park is another quiet retreat but didn’t get there this time either. I have a number of to-dos when I go again. What about you? Any place you haven’t visited on the island yet?


    • Thank you. I hope you get to see Barbados for yourself, don’t just take my word for it, even though my word is good.😀. If you need need help with an itinerary I can arrange that too. Would love to hear it becomes a part of your must-see list. Thanks for your comment.


  1. Barbados, never get tired of seeing photos. I prefer the northeastern side though. St John to St Lucy. That’s where I ramble when I want to get lost. The hills on the East Coast Road makes me feel like I am in a totally different country.

    I have never been to the Lion or inside the Cave. Great post.

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