Alter-ego Lifestyles

What kind of lifestyle do you lead when on vacation?  Does your alter-ego show up and you suddenly morph into the suppressed personality you always want to be? How do you behave when you are far away from the prying eyes of neighbors, family and friends? Does your inhibitions peel away like old clothes as you put new garb on instead?  Strange questions you might think.  Not likely.  Anonymity in unfamiliar places where one’s name, family, or residence are unknown, gives one a heightened sense of freedom.  One becomes ‘footloose and fancy free.’  Let’s look at some alter-ego lifestyles you may encounter while on vacation:

Laissez-faire –  This type of tourist expresses in their attitude a need for freedom to do


Lifestyle – Laissez-faire (Traveltinerary)

whatever or go wherever their heart desires.  They exhibit an air of unconcern for everyday affairs by taking a break from the vicissitudes of life that may confront them.  Now on vacation, they may show little or no concern for things, or situations that, under different circumstances would be cause for alarm.  This happy-go-lucky spirit follow paths that are mapped-out for them and can easily be persuaded to jump on a fitting bandwagon.  They would enlist the services of an itinerary organizer to eliminate stressful holiday planning.  They do not want to be bound by time or limited by restraints.  Don’t worry, be happy is probably their vacation mantra.  Ideally, they just want to go with the flow.

Largesse – Cha ching, cha ching.  The demeanor of this type of traveler is seen in their: designer clothing, exquisite taste, expensive indulgences, and their generous tipping says money is not an issue. This type of vacationer spares no expenses on entertainment, tours and travel related costs.  Itinerary plans are made in advance, but even at a moment’s notice, without as much as a dither they are ready to resolve unforeseen issues with their cheque-book.  Who will know beside them and their wallets what the real bank statement balance says at home.  For now, the big spender is the envy of all others.  Whether the façade is real or fake it causes heads to turn.

Adventurous – This transient type is constantly looking for the next thrill of victory.  Adventures planned or discovered, safe or dangerous are high on the list of their activities to seek out and conquer.  Sitting still is not an activity but rather a necessity only when it is time to eat.  They are willing to climb the highest mountains.  Hike steep trails.  Travel off the beaten paths to little known sites and be one with nature.  They are rough and rugged, taking photo ops at the edge of the cliff; daring to look over the precipice; or riding downhill at break-neck speeds on dirt bikes.  Whatever the activity, their liking for borderline danger and their precarious approach to the holiday says that they are seeking an exhilarating emotional high, an adrenalin rush.  Obviously, such experiences may be at complete odds to their normal, sedate lifestyle at home.

Minimalist –  This hippie type vacationer travels light.  They have figured out ways on how to get by with very little.  They travel from place to place, sometimes using only the thumb.  This lifestyle best fits and looks better on a younger tourist but is not limited to any age group.  Their bedraggled demeanor screams, “I am a poor backpacker, or I am hungry, feed me.”  Looks and proper deportment are not of much concern to them.  Getting by while enjoying their vacation is their only anxiety.  They too go with the flow and are flexible with their plans.  They are not above working for their keep or couching in places that may be considered disreputable.

Fun-Loving –  Though not the general rule, this lifestyle can sometimes be treacherous


Lifestyle – Fun-loving (Traveltinerary)

and anything but fun.  Stories of spring-break tragedies are a sad testament to that fact. The unwary tripper throws caution to the wind lured on by the prospects of pleasure and enjoyment.  These bored holidayers fall prey to impromptu decisions, and flawed ideas all for the sake of having a good time.  Their predilection for any kind of excitement may lead to an impulsive decision.  Nevertheless, overall, once fun activities are properly vetted, a wonderful time may be had.

Have you at any time adopted at least one of these alter lifestyles while on vacation?  If you have a travel story that fits a lifestyle and would like to share, I would love to hear about it.  The long and short of it all is that no one is judging you.  Your lifestyle choices far from home are yours to practice for the brief period you are away.  You will return to your regular living and reality soon enough.

Thanks for reading this post.  I appreciate the time you took to do so.  All opinions expressed above, to which you may agree or disagree, belong to yours truly, just saying 😊.  Please click follow, like or comment in the box below.  Also, here is my twitter username – @traveltinerary.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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