Ecuador and Peru Pre-travel Checklist

The countdown is on!

On my projected vacation page ‘coming to a place near you’, I have selected Ecuador and Peru as the destinations to close out my travels for 2017.  I am now 43 days away from fulfilling that plan.  I have chosen Ecuador specifically to visit the Galápagos Islands, and Peru to visit Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley.   I can barely wait to see nature’s wonders in this part of the hemisphere.

I can feel the pressure building as I start to compile a checklist and gather all my must-haves to take with me.  So, to help me manage my anxiety and excitement I will follow a simple plan.  I’ll prioritize what I need to focus on each week as the departure date draws nearer.  Here is my checklist of all that I must complete prior to leaving.

Week 1

  1. Purchase round-trip airline tickets
  2. Plan budget for travel expenses, namely:  food, tours, entrance fees, etc.
  3. Research mandatory medical requirements, if any i.e immunizations
  4. Pre-purchase entry tickets for Galápagos Islands and Machu Pichu

Week 2

  1. Plan detailed daily itineraries for each country
  2. Research local transportation – bus, train, plane, donkey (Lol)
  3. Choose tour operators in both cities
  4. Book lodging (AirBnB/hotel)

Week 3

  1. Arrange for a house sitter
  2. Pay all bills coming due in my absence
  3. Shop for items (raincoat, bug spray, hat, light jacket/sweater, etc.)
  4. Gather maps, guide/reference books

Week 4

  1. Pack travel bag
  2. Confirm flights
  3. Check weather conditions
  4. Give copies of itineraries to family members
  5. Print boarding passes

Did I leave anything out that may be important to this trip?  Tell me if I did in the comment section, and I’ll let you know if it has been added to the list.





10 thoughts on “Ecuador and Peru Pre-travel Checklist

  1. That’s great how you’re going to visit Ecuador and Peru. I’ve been to the former country earlier this year. Do you just plan on going to the Galapagos as far as Ecuador is concerned, or will you visit some of the other cities or towns?

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      • Gotcha. You’ll have a great time there. I was at the Hotel Silberstein when I was in the islands. Check out some of the nature tours and you’ll be within very close proximity to a bunch of beaches which are the cleanest I’ve seen in my life. If you ever have the chance to visit mainland Ecuador, you should check out Quito, Baños de Agua Santa, the Quilotoa loop, and Alausi for the train tour.


  2. If you like hiking at all, skip the 45 minute bus ride from Aguas Calientes and spend the 2 hours hiking to Machu Picchu. It was the best decision we ever made and I am so thankful. That was the most magical day of my life!


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