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I love to travel and want to share how very important itinerary planning is to inexpensive travel.

From a very young age I became fascinated with other parts of the world and determined I would some day travel to these exotic destinations. Magazines such as “National Geographic”, “Conde Naste” and “Traveler,” contributed to my high hopes and dreams of visiting these picturesque places which I can proudly say have since become a reality.

Coming from a working class family background, proper planning has always been considered a key ingredient to ensure success.  So, I decided that I would limit my overall spending to $1,500 and not a penny more for international travels.  Time and time again it’s thrilling to see my budget succeed and vacation plans accomplished. Careful planning has enabled me to visit every continent except Antarctica which is by choice (it is simply too cold for me there), and to find creative ways to see epic sites and wonders of the world that are simply to spectacular for words.

At I will share my opinions, recount my experiences, offer travel itineraries/recommendations and tips to enhance your overall travel experience.  Should you choose to take advantage of my expertise in itinerary planning, you will be ensuring the start to an enjoyable vacation but spending considerably less than what most people may pay handsomely to see.

Whether you are a first-time traveler, solo traveler, millennial traveler or some-time traveler, my goals in creating affordable travel itineraries are to help: reduce your stress level, keep more of your travel dollars in your pocket, expand your vacation options, offer possibilities which may appeal to your spirit of adventure and give you a well thought out plan that you will love.

I am here to help you plan an itinerary of memorable vacation experiences which you will want to later tell your children, grand-children, friends and family about one day.

Let’s get started with the form below.  You will not regret it.


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  1. Very interesting. Always thought the world is a fascinating place. Will like to go to some of these places of interest very soon. Glad to know there is a site that can provide me with the information I need. Great.


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