Wanderlust Beginnings

I began my travels in high school. My first trip abroad was to the United Kingdom. This was an auspicious occasion for me, leaving a third world country for a first world country many times larger than my homeland Barbados which is 166 square miles, 21 miles long and 14 miles wide.

It was my first time on an airplane too. From that time of wanting to see places that I had only seen in pictures and coupled with the desire of always wanting to know what lay beyond the horizon gave birth to my wanderlust beginnings.

I have visited over 80+ countries and every continent except Antarctica. I travel mostly solo. From my travels I have created several scrapbooks that recount these trips in detail. I’ve acquired a menagerie of refrigerator magnets that have become a focal conversational piece in my home for all first-time visitors and traveling friends. They are often amazed at the places I have visited and listen intently to stories/experiences of my travels. Usually, their final question is, “Where are you going to next?” and my enigmatic response is, “The world is my Oyster!”


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